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Buy 1 block of land and build 1 dwelling that can be subdivided into 2.

A duplex is a residential building that contains two dwellings often joined by a common wall.

Caroline James of calls the duplex "an unsung hero of the property world, often able to produce strong value growth and healthy rental yields for a much lower price than a pair of detached houses".

- Build it to create some capital growth, refinance and use the equity to go again

- Build it, keep one side and sell the other to go again

- Build it and sell both

- Or build it and keep both with a strong rental return


Dual Occupancy

A dual occupancy home is 1 dwelling that can be rented out to two separate tenants.

This is often done via the addition of a granny flat (which we can build) or through what's known as a dual occ or dual key house.

Similar to a duplex it is built as one residential building with two separate flats, that are adjoined by a common wall. These two flats can be rented out to 2 separate tenants.

The difference between a duplex and a dual occupancy property is that it can never be sold separately. It is always one single dwelling.

Often a high cashflow investment property - one house that gives two rental returns.

Or build one for you and your dependents.

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Rooming House

A rooming house is a sophisticated version of a share house.

Purpose built to house multiple occupants and adhere to rooming tenancy requirements and regulations.

Build 1 dwelling which can obtain 5 or 6 tenants. Each tenant has their own long-term residential rooming tenancy agreement, for their own room or studio.

A perfect dwelling for long term rooming tenancies or short term air-bnb letting.


Custom Architectural Home

Share your vision with us and we will create the home of your dreams.

Our experienced architects will take in every fine detail and plan out the most cost effective design to give you all the finer things at the best possible price.

We work closely with town planners and engineers to ensure your design will meet building approvals and flow smoothly through the regulators.

No project is too difficult for our custom homes team.