Restaurants and cafes demand the very best when it comes to renovations and fitouts. Along with the food and quality of service, it’s the appearance of your restaurant that keeps customers coming back for more.

Here at Brookmoore Constructions, we have the ability to perform fitouts for all types of food service businesses, from fast food outlets and cafes through to high-end restaurants and chains. We take great pride in our efficient and quality service, with the scalable nature of our business ensuring timely delivery and accurate prices every time.

You might recognise some of our clientele:

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Quick & Efficient Results

We understand the demands of the food service industry and go out of our way to deliver quality standards on a tight schedule. Communication and organisation are key to every successful commercial build, with our experienced team able to deliver on schedule every time.

We take great pride in meeting deadlines and conduct our work with minimal disruption to your business. Reducing disruption is especially important for restaurants and cafes, with our quick service helping you to maintain customer loyalty and maximise cash flow.

Construction For Food Services

We specialise in new builds and renovation projects for food service businesses. From large-scale kitchen renovations through to intricate restaurant fitouts, we understand that time is money and have the ability to perform quick work without compromising on quality or cost. In order to meet deadlines and ensure standards, we employ a number of specialist teams experienced in the cafe and restaurant sector.

Whether you need plumbing, electricity, floors, walls, painting, joinery, countertops, or restaurant furniture, we provide a full range of solutions for your food service business. We also specialise in the refined joinery and intricate building details that make restaurants stand out from the competition. From special lighting solutions and kitchen storage systems through to bespoke tables and countertops, it’s often the little things that make the difference.

Quality Standards & Attention To Detail

Our quick and efficient construction services are only matched by our excellent standards and attention to detail. With years of experience in the residential building sector, we know what it takes to deliver on our promises. We take nothing for granted when it comes to construction, with each task performed by highly trained and experienced team members.

No job is too big or too small, and our trusted team gives just as much attention to a single countertop design as they do to an entire restaurant fitout. Whether you need a completely new build or a quality renovation, we’ll present you with a brand new cafe or restaurant. A space that is finished, complete, and ready to start making you money.

Competitive & Scalable Pricing Structure

Here at Brookmoore Constructions, we provide a scalable business and pricing structure that leaves nothing to chance. Whether you’re rolling out a new nationwide restaurant chain or require a single cafe fitout, our experience and organisation allow us to reduce costs across our entire operation. Our competitive pricing structure is realistic and based on quality work from design through to completion.

Restaurant and cafe fitouts provide their own unique challenges, with our friendly and professional team knowing what it takes to perform fast work without compromising on standards or price. Our core company values are at the centre of everything we do, with staff trained to meet standards and sub-contractors hired to ensure quality control and communication across all levels of operation.