Here at Brookmoore Constructions, we specialise in commercial fitouts, including shop fitouts for the retail sector. Our nationwide operation is based in five states, with licenses and insurance in place across Australia. Our professional team has the ability to perform individual shop fitouts or large-scale commercial projects for chains stores and national companies. Every stage of construction is taken care of, from the initial design phase through to planning, construction, and completion.

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Quick & Efficient Results

We understand the demands of the commercial retail sector and go out of our way to deliver quality standards on a tight schedule. Communication is key to our commercial operation, with our experienced and qualified team able to meet your individual program and deliver on time, every time.

We understand that you're only ever as good as your last job, with our quick and efficient service able to deliver top results quickly and with minimum disruption to your cash flow and operational schedule. From large-scale structural work to intricate shop fronts, we know that time is money and have the ability to perform work quickly without compromising on quality or cost.

Quality Without Compromise

We can present you with a brand new store, a space that is finished, complete, and ready to start making you money right away. We have extensive experience in the commercial sector and realise that standards need to be met every time. While we take great pride in our fast and friendly approach, we never compromise on quality at any stage of a new build or renovation project.

Our extensive experience with residential and commercial builds ensures that we can deliver fast results without making compromises. From the initial design phase through to the display walls and countertops that define your store, we understand the importance of quality control in the commercial retail sector.

Training & Company Culture

Brookmoore Constructions understands the importance of training, and we do everything we can to implement a professional and caring culture across our entire organisation. Standards need to be met, with accuracy and attention to detail critical at all stages of a shop fitout.

All of our staff are taught in a top-down manner to ensure that quality standards are met at each stage of the construction process. When hiring sub-contractors, Brookmoore Constructions only deals with small and medium sized businesses who can ensure quality standards and clear communication across all levels of operation.

Competitive & Scalable Pricing Structure

Brookmoore Constructions operates a scalable business structure, which allows us to reduce costs and improve efficiency across our entire business. Our pricing structure is competitive and realistic at every stage, from the initial design phase through to planning and construction. Shop fitouts come with their own unique challenges, and our trusted and professional team knows how to reduce margins while never compromising on quality or delivery deadlines.

Comprehensive Shop Fitouts

Here at Brookmoore Constructions, we provide a comprehensive commercial service that leaves nothing to chance. We employ a number of specialist teams across all areas of building, including people who specialise in ceiling grids, electricity, floors, walls, painting, joinery, desks, retail furniture, and more.

Along with construction and structural issues, we also deal with the intricate details of a shop fitout, including special lighting solutions, integrated storage systems, racking solutions, product features and display walls, and desks and countertops. When it comes to retail, it's often the little things that make all the difference, with our quality work helping you attract more customers and bring your business to life.